Why a married man flirts with others: 6 strange reasons that have nothing to do with you and his marriage

Perhaps you have found yourself in a situation where a married man suddenly begins to show signs of attention. The most obvious explanation is that he is not happy in the relationship. However, a non-free man may flirt with you for other reasons.

The desire to attract the attention of the opposite sex and initiate communication is often accompanied by flirting. This is natural, and such a game can become the beginning of a romantic relationship. However, in some cases, increased attention and coquetry comes precisely from unfree men, and a woman does not always understand how to react to this.

What pushes married men to show attention to other girls? Let’s figure it out.

Why does a married man flirt with other women?

He’s bored in his own relationship

This situation is very common and can often lead to betrayal or an affair. What a man doesn’t get in his relationship with a regular partner, he tries to make up for with others.

Flirting is the initial stage, which does not involve active actions and does not oblige you to anything, but nevertheless gives new sensations. Passion and romance in relationships fade over the years, but you still want to experience new sensations, so men often flirt, show attention, give compliments, but it rarely goes beyond words.

A man needs something from you

Such situations are less common, but they do occur. Women like to be the center of attention from a man, and those who have selfish intentions skillfully take advantage of this. We can talk about both sexual relations (which happens most often) and material benefits.

The desire to get a girl he likes or something that she can give/do/donate provokes a man to various actions in the direction of seduction.

Why a married man flirts with others: 6 strange reasons that have nothing to do with you and his marriage

Midlife crisis (or any other)

The youth, beauty and energy that girls radiate are very attractive to the opposite sex, especially older men who are experiencing moments of personal crisis.

Flirting gives such men the opportunity not only to re-experience the feeling of falling in love, but also to prove to themselves that they are still in demand on the “marriage market.” Simply put, strengthen your ego.

Flirting as a communication style

You may have heard the phrase: “Flirting as a communication style.” So, indeed, some men constantly balance on the brink of friendly and romantic behavior. They feel most comfortable in the company of women, so they quickly become close to them.

Flirting in this case will symbolize sympathy and the desire to make a pleasant impression of oneself (not necessarily for selfish purposes). At the same time, the man does not at all consider his interlocutor as a sexual object. He is not interested in affairs behind his wife’s back, because everything suits him.

Aura of novelty

This situation can often be observed at resorts. Vacations provide a relaxed atmosphere and the opportunity for casual communication. Even the most principled and serious people on vacation can allow themselves to relax and flirt, knowing that their other halves are waiting for them at home.

Here, again, the prospect of a sexual relationship with another may not even appeal to a man. He just wants to “play free” without consequences.

Why a married man flirts with others: 6 strange reasons that have nothing to do with you and his marriage

Are you open to attention?

We should not exclude a situation where a woman herself expresses her readiness to communicate and flirt with an unfree man. She initiates communication with him, gives compliments, and reciprocates his attention. In this situation, a man can also join this game.

However, this will only happen if there are other factors due to which he can admit the possibility of his own betrayal – for example, those that we talked about above.