Robert Pattinson’s favorite women: the actor’s main novels

Robert Pattinson’s personal life is always in the spotlight, and this is not at all due to his love of love. And the fact is that one can only envy the actor’s secrecy. We tell you everything we know about the women to whom one of the most popular actors in Hollywood opened his heart.

Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson is a British actor who is talked about more and more every year. For some, he will forever remain the vampire Edward Cullen from Twilight, some are still sad about the death of Cedric Diggory while watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, others see his undeniable talent and predict a dizzying career for the actor. Already, Robert can boast of very diverse roles in the most talked about films: for example, he has the arthouse drama “The Lighthouse” with Willem Dafoe, the action film “Tenet” by Christopher Nolan, the Netflix thriller “The Devil is Always Here” and, of course, the main role in the film about Batman.

Robert Pattinson's favorite women: the actor's main novels
Annual Governors Awards, California, 2019

In addition, Pattinson is regularly included in lists of the sexiest actors of our time. Plastic surgeon Julian de Silva called Robert “the most beautiful man in the world,” based on the ancient Greek formula of the golden ratio: according to the expert, the actor’s facial features are close to absolute perfection.

And, of course, one of the favorite topics of discussion among fans and journalists is the personal life of the British actor. Over the past few years, the actor has been closely connected by family ties with his main woman, Suki Waterhouse, with whom he is raising a child. However, enough is still known about the star’s long-term romances in the past—we’ll tell you about them today.

Nina Schubert

Robert Pattinson’s first serious relationship was with model Nina Schubert, who lived next door to him in London. 17-year-old Robert and 21-year-old Nina started dating in 2003, and three years later they decided to break up. It is known from sources close to the ex-couple that their relationship was trusting and warm. Many people believe that friendship is a great foundation for love, but in this case, the feelings ended when the aspiring actor moved from the UK to Los Angeles.

Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson's favorite women: the actor's main novels
Premiere of Twilight. Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, Los Angeles, 2011

The office romance between Robert and Kristen can be called the most famous and loud in the actor’s life. The couple met in 2008 on the set of the first part of the “Twilight” saga. Then Stewart was only 17 years old, and Pattinson was 22. And in May 2009, the couple confirmed their romance. While fans were literally crying with happiness (of course, their favorite movie couple is together in real life!), journalists suspected the couple of being in a fictitious relationship, the purpose of which was to promote Twilight. However, from the outside it seemed that the lovers really had complete harmony and sincere feelings – just like their on-screen characters.

But in 2012, a scandal broke out: according to media reports, Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Patisson with Rupert Sanders, the director of the film “Snow White and the Huntsman,” in which she starred. Photos have leaked online showing work colleagues hugging each other in an unfriendly manner. Both Sanders and Stewart immediately publicly admitted to the affair and asked for forgiveness: the director – from his wife and two children, and the actress – from Pattinson, the man whom, according to her, at that time she “loved and respected more than anyone”

Robert Pattinson's favorite women: the actor's main novels
MTV Movie Awards, California, 2010

Despite the dissatisfaction of fans outraged by Stewart’s actions, Pattinson nevertheless forgave the betrayal – the couple tried to start over, but in May 2013 it became known about the final separation. Later, in an interview with Italian Vanity Fair, the actor spoke about his attitude towards cheating: if he dates someone, he gives himself one hundred percent to that person; He can theoretically understand the very desire to change, but he does not understand those who maintain relationships with two people at the same time. According to Pattinson, his affair with Kristen Stewart taught him a lot. And one of the most important lessons is to keep personal things away from prying eyes.

Already in 2019, on the Howard Stern radio show, six years after the breakup, Stewart again dispelled the theory that the relationship of the star actors was a PR stunt. “We [really] dated for several years. It was my first [true] love.” In a conversation with the presenter, Stewart admitted that if she had heard a marriage proposal from Pattinson, she would have agreed, because he was “the best young man a girl could dream of.” But, as you know, history does not tolerate the subjunctive mood.

FKA Twigs

Robert Pattinson's favorite women: the actor's main novels
Met Gala, New York, 2015

For the next year and a half after breaking up with Stewart, Robert was spotted with different girls, including actress Riley Keough and models Dylan Penn and Imogen Kerr, but the actor did not develop a serious relationship with any of them.

Everything changed in 2015 – Pattinson fell in love. Their story with singer FKA Twings (Talia Barnett) began at her own concert, after which the couple were introduced by mutual friends – actors Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge.

The lovers’ relationship developed quite quickly. The actor even took a break from work for a while to accompany his girlfriend on her tour of Europe. Soon Barnett moved to live with Pattinson, and later it became known about the stars’ engagement.

Meanwhile, “Twilight” fans did not lose hope for the reunion of “Edward” with “Bella” and were outraged by the appearance of the “third wheel” on social networks. Talia was bombarded with letters, which openly stated: the singer does not deserve such a wonderful life partner as Robert. But the lovers did not react to rumors and gossip, and seemed to be absolutely happy together.

Robert Pattinson's favorite women: the actor's main novels
Los Angeles, 2016

But, despite serious intentions and engagement, not everything was rosy in the couple’s relationship. The first serious quarrel occurred over a message from Thalia to Kristen Stewart: Barnett allegedly, in a rather rude manner, forbade the actress to tell reporters about Pattinson. According to insiders, Pattinson was upset by this behavior of his fiancée (especially since they broke up with Kristen not as enemies). And already in December 2016, Robert and Talia broke off their engagement, but still tried to maintain their relationship. However, all efforts were in vain – in 2017, Pattinson and Barnett broke up on the actor’s initiative.

Suki Waterhouse

Robert Pattinson's favorite women: the actor's main novels
London 2021

But Robert did not grieve for long – in the same 2017, Pattinson was spotted with Bradley Cooper’s ex-girlfriend, model Suki Waterhouse. At first, the couple did not advertise their romance, did not go out together, and only in August 2018 they confirmed their relationship.

However, even after this, the lovers did not become frequent guests of gossip columns – both prefer not to show off their personal lives. But thanks to ubiquitous insiders, fans know that quarantine, which has become a fatal test for many celebrity couples, only strengthened the relationship between Robert and Sookie – they allegedly even called it “the best time” and an ideal opportunity to be just the two of them.

Robert Pattinson's favorite women: the actor's main novels
London, 2019

In the fall of 2020, the model appeared at one of the social events with a ring on the ring finger of her left hand, after which all the media confidently reported the engagement of the lovers. And in 2024, the couple completely shocked fans with the news that they had become parents for the first time – however, the fans never received any details. Pattinson and Waterhouse still live together in London and are very rarely captured by the paparazzi. And with their novel they prove the popular opinion that happiness loves silence.