How to attract love using a wish card: 10 rules to definitely find your happiness

We tell you how to launch a mechanism that allows you to fulfill your dreams and find your love.

The practice of creating a wish map is associated with the Bagua square – this is a magic square used by masters of the ancient art of Feng Shui. Today the Internet is full of templates and tips on how to make this miracle card – you can find 1000 and 1 way to make it. But there are also proven techniques that will definitely work. Tatyana Shavrova, a relationship psychology coach with a PhD in cultural studies, the author of the book “Happiness with and without rules,” as well as trainings for women, talks about what a wish map is and why it doesn’t help everyone.

How to make a wish map work: launching the dream mechanism

Visualization and correct formulation of dreams is not magic, but a well-known psychological practice. Not everyone has the imagination to clearly imagine their desires. Moreover, consciousness plays with people – every time the images are confused and modified depending on the mood, state and events of the day. 

How to attract love using a wish card: 10 rules to definitely find your happiness

A wish map allows you to record your dreams in the form that suits you best. While you’re preparing and creating your map, a few other wonderful things happen: 

  • You don’t think about the bad, because the process is controlled by positive thinking, which is so difficult to achieve in everyday life; 
  • You structure your thoughts, organize and visualize them, saturating your subconscious with these images;
  • “Dream mode” turns on – the most powerful tool a person has. It is many times superior to the mechanism of self-destruction.

What to Avoid When Making a Wish Card

There is no need to purchase ready-made templates. Yes, they can be found on any marketplace for a very modest amount. You will receive both the sheet itself and carefully selected photographs. There will be pictures of happiness in your personal life, financial success, and good luck in other areas. But the key point is that these are not your dreams at all, but a universal set of images. Just as you won’t be able to find a man to live with according to a general pattern, you can’t create your own desire map according to someone else’s pattern. You need to select the elements yourself and with love in order to set the direction of the energy through visualization. 

Look for images that are clear and close to you. This is an individual job – no one, not even your best friend, can be trusted with the selection of pictures. The main quality of a good image is that it should excite, delight, and cause delight.

Basic rules when working on a wish map

Such an important task requires time and a great mood. The whole process will take from a week to a month, but it’s worth it. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Review the materials for the map from time to time so that later you don’t have to look for the picture in a hurry. Save only those photos that make you feel happy;
  2. Your image should be in the center of the wishlist. Find a current photo, no older than six months, in which you really like yourself. Even if you are in love with your 18-year-old photos, and now you are 30, you should not try to deceive the Universe;
  3. Pictures using Photoshop or filters, as well as those taken during a cold or migraine attack, are not suitable. A portrait format is sufficient; a full-length photo is not at all necessary;
  4. It is advisable that you do not have to remove anyone, that is, initially only you should be in the frame;
  5. There is no need to specially order a photo session or ask a friend to help – choose from what is available;
  6. The Bagua square itself is easy to find on the Internet, but you can make a map without it. It is much better if you act as your heart tells you; 
  7. It should be noted that dreams whose images are located closer to the center will come true faster than others;
  8. Many resources recommend hanging your wish card in a prominent place. Do not do this under any circumstances. You need to take a photo of it and save it in your phone so that it is always with you. Hide the sheet itself in a secluded place where no one will find it. The method will work much better if you forget the details;
  9. It is strictly forbidden to show someone a finished wish card;
  10. It takes one day to put the pictures together. You can choose a suitable date according to the lunar calendar. You shouldn’t do this in a hurry, in a bad mood, or during illness.   
How to attract love using a wish card: 10 rules to definitely find your happiness

Remember that your happy future is in your hands. You just need to try a little to make everything that is planned come true. If you make a wish card with love and inspiration, then the practice will definitely work.