Advice from the Experienced: How to Get Over a Breakup

Relationships are always a risk that does not always pay off. At this moment, it is important to behave correctly and not go headlong into depression. To maintain your composure, it is important to remember some rules.

Feelings have no expiration date

Everyone has a friend who expertly asserts that half the time that you dated should pass before your feelings completely cool down. It’s hard to imagine greater stupidity. Feelings do not know time; it is not typical for them to turn on and off according to order. If you are suffering, then this suffering will not go away overnight.

Whining is ok

But in general, what you are doing is not really whining, no matter how much your friends might want you to. This is one way to prevent cardiac arrest from an overabundance of feelings. In general, these tears are even useful.

A lie will never become true

Methodically lying to yourself that you no longer miss you, that you feel good and the feelings have passed, is incredibly simple, but, unfortunately, this will not make your soul any easier. After all, the feelings are actually still alive. Humble yourself, fight and stop lying to yourself.

Sometimes you really need to remove it from your contacts (everywhere)

Of course, from the outside, this theatrical deletion of photos together, removing him from friends on all social networks and asking him not to say his name out loud looks funny, but sometimes it’s really necessary. Remember, it’s better to appear stupid to your friends than to write to him when you suddenly feel lonely.

He’s not as perfect as he seems

There will always be someone better. And yes, this ideal will also appear in your life. True, it is not a fact that it will not be replaced by the next one.

This is not your fault

 There are two people involved in a relationship, which means both become the reason for the separation. You just weren’t right for each other. That’s all.

Advice from the Experienced: How to Get Over a Breakup

There is no friendship after a painful breakup

Oh, please forget about this “friendship” once and for all. Don’t even think about it. Seriously, how can you be friends with someone you slept with and dreamed of having children with? We won’t even explain, just forget about this “friendship.”

No drunk calls or messages

It’s hard to resist, but it’s possible. The main thing is to have friends nearby who, at the right moment, will yank the phone out of their hands and shove the next shot of tequila into them.

Memory doesn’t erase people

Especially close ones. You will not have such a situation that one fine moment he will leave your head. At first you will think about him less often, and then you will stop remembering him altogether, but you will never forget him.

Don’t be mad at his new girlfriend

First of all, it’s childish. Secondly, it spoils karma. Thirdly, she did not deserve such attention. Fourthly, this is simply a complete stranger and stranger to you.

Breaking up is wonderful

If during your relationship quarrels did not stop between you, you personally felt forever worthless and, in general, because of this you developed complexes and depression, then finally rejoice that you got rid of this tyrant. This is wonderful news. And in general, good relationships do not end with separation.

Even bad relationships can be beneficial

Now you know what you want or don’t want. Next time everything will be better.

You don’t owe anything to anyone

Relationships don’t have to hold you back. They should bring joy, comfort, after all, and not a sense of fear and duty.