10 unexpected facts about the life of models

Being a model is not as easy as it seems. The life of unearthly beauties is not always similar to what they broadcast to us from the pages of magazines. We decided to reveal some completely non-glamorous details from the daily life of models and show what it really is like to be an ideal of beauty.

In reality, the models are not as slim as in the photographs.

Retouching photos takes a huge amount of time, much more than you imagine. Some models are strikingly different from what we are used to seeing in magazines and on banners. There are a huge number of tricks to make the picture perfect, for example, a picky photographer may ask you to glue your ears with double tape so that they don’t stick out too much in different directions.

Yes – it’s normal

Sometimes, looking at the ideal figures of models, it begins to seem to us that their daily diet consists of lettuce leaves and a couple of green apples. This impression is deceptive; most people adhere to a normal healthy diet and can even afford a sandwich with butter and sausage from time to time.

They don’t always pay for filming

Newcomers to the fashion world typically receive a very modest percentage of the sales of the products they endorse. Often, models run the risk of being left with nothing, especially if the shoot took place somewhere abroad and was more like a vacation than a job.

10 unexpected facts about the life of models

Photo sessions are hard work

A huge gap lies between the hard work of taking a photo and the final result. The model must work regardless of weather conditions or air temperature, often in clothes that are completely inappropriate for the season. In addition, during a shooting day, the model changes about a hundred bows, not counting the extremely uncomfortable poses in which she has to be photographed.

The paparazzi don’t sleep

Even professional fashion models don’t always want to be on camera. It’s no fun being caught off guard by some quick guy pointing a camera at your bedroom window from a nearby tree.

Fabulously expensive items from fashion shows remain with designers

It is a myth that models are the happy owners of exclusively exclusive things. Yes, sometimes they manage to take some of the items home, but this happens very rarely and, unfortunately, with inexpensive clothes, while unique outfits are most likely to end up on the shelves of fashion boutiques.

10 unexpected facts about the life of models

Filming doesn’t happen every day

Many, with the exception of, of course, stars, are forced to sit without work for months. The situation in the acting profession is similar – most of the time is taken up by castings, which are often not at all as successful as we would like.

Waiting is the main component of the profession

They wait for their hair to be done, they wait for their makeup to be applied, they wait for the photographer to set the light, they wait for the photographs to be ready, they wait, in the end, for a good job to be offered. Therefore, on the set you can always see a model with a book or phone in their hands – they have a lot of free time, which there is nothing to occupy it with.

Expectations have nothing to do with reality

It is not uncommon for a model to wait months for a single shoot, which ultimately turns out to be a difficult ordeal in unbearable conditions. And that’s the best case scenario. Sometimes a long-awaited job can be canceled altogether or given to another girl – these are the conditions of the business.

10 unexpected facts about the life of models

The model can be of any age

We are accustomed to thinking that a model should be young and beautiful. Beautiful – yes, but about age… It’s never too late to start. If you are really in good shape, then all doors are open to you. Well, or almost everything.