10 Things Men Really Want From You (But Won’t Ask)

If you feel that you need the help of a fortune teller to understand a man’s desires, you are not alone. While women often have difficulty expressing themselves, men simply seem absolutely blissful in “playing with emotions.” This is probably because they don’t want to talk about their needs openly.

This may be due to difficulty expressing thoughts and feelings or fear of showing someone your true self. This leads to misunderstandings, arguments, or the beloved “not today, I have a headache.” Contrary to popular belief, he still wants you to have more than just sex. Here are 10 things men want from you but rarely ask for.


Men get real pleasure from persistently striving to get the best. However, it also happens that women unconsciously block their partner’s desire to enjoy courtship. And they deprive you of the desire to achieve.

Change your approach to relationships and let the situation take its course. Remember to reciprocate, but keep a balance. If a man notices you, then he will have enough imagination to be close to you.

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